What You Should Know Before Buying an AC Unit

Sooner or later you are going to need to replace the existing air conditioning system in your home. Fortunately, this only happens once every fifteen years or so. But, since it happens infrequently you probably don't know the questions to ask before you sign up for a new system.

  • First, deal only with licensed contractors, preferably those listed as Accredited Businesses with the Better Business Bureau. Failure to purchase from a licensed contractor may leave you with a shoddy installation and without warranty coverage from the manufacturer.
  • Next, insist that your contractor visit your home before providing an estimate to take a look at your existing installation and the conditions, which affect comfort in your home. An in-home appointment with a quality contractor should take at least an hour and may result in several money saving recommendations. In any event, a quality contractor will walk you through the entire process to increase your comfort with such a major financial investment.
  • Finally, the main purpose of a heating and cooling system is to provide comfort inside your home. Be sure to share details of hot and cold spots with your contractor. Normally, hot and cold spots can be cured through inexpensive modifications to ductwork during the installation process or by restoring attic insulation to proper levels.

Today's heating and cooling equipment is far more energy efficient than older equipment. A proper installation by a quality contractor should result in lower energy bills, a more comfortable home and trouble-free operation for many years. In the Arlington area call Tom's Mechanical for a free estimate.