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How to Help Your AC Keep Up On Extremely Hot Days

During heat waves, even new, energy-efficient air conditioners could use a helping hand. Helping your air conditioner reduces its wear and tear and also lowers your energy bills when they’re bound to be at their highest. Check out our pro tips below!

Use heat-blocking window treatments.

For any rooms that get afternoon sun, heat-blocking or energy-efficient window treatments will make a world of difference. There is a wide selection to choose from, including insulated cellular shades, Roman blinds, thermal curtains, and thick shutters (like plantation shutters). The best part is that many of these options will also help your home keep out the cold during winter.

If you leave home, let your AC run periodically, rather than shutting it off.

Many people will shut their air conditioner off completely when they leave for work or step out to run errands, mistakenly believing this will help them save money. When your AC is completely off, this allows your home to get extremely hot. As a result, your AC will need to run for much longer when you finally turn it back on.

Here are the downsides to that:

  • Your AC will use a lot more energy overcoming that huge temperature rise than it would simply maintaining a relatively cool temperature.
  • Running for long cycles puts unnecessary wear and tear on your AC and increases its risk of overheating.

Bottom line: letting your AC run periodically helps you save money on cooling costs and puts less stress on your HVAC equipment.

Reduce your home’s humidity.

Not only is humid air uncomfortable, but it also takes longer to cool. Reduce the amount of humidity in your home’s air by:

  • Using your dishwasher’s no-heat dry cycle
  • Running your bathroom fan or cracking a window when bathing or showering
  • Turning on your kitchen exhaust fan when cooking or baking
  • Line-drying clothes outside (rather than inside)

Wait to run certain appliances until the evening.

Along with reducing humidity, you also want to restrict how much heat you add to your home. You can do this by waiting until evening to use heat-generating appliances (like stoves, ovens, washing machines, clothes dryers, and dishwashers). If you must use the appliances earlier in the day, aim for the morning, rather than the afternoon, when temperatures will be at their highest.

Use fans: they’re cheap and they work!

If you’re unable to install ceiling fans, floor or table fans will do just fine. Run over to Walmart, Target, or any home improvement store to buy a few fans your family can move from room to room.

Be realistic about how much of a difference your AC can make.

Your air conditioner can create only a limited temperature difference between the outdoors and indoors. Cranking down the thermostat as far as it can go won’t help during a sweltering heat wave and will increase the risk of your equipment overheating from overwork. Simply set your thermostat to your desired temperature, drink plenty of cold water, and use table, floor, and ceiling fans to help keep cool.

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