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7 Ways to Prep Your Home Before Leaving for Vacation

No one wants to be stressed during their vacation. However, worrying about matters at home can take the R&R out of even the most relaxing getaway. Before you leave on your next trip, use these tips below to prepare your home so that you can truly rest easy and enjoy your time off.

1. Invest in some smart light bulbs.

You can program smart light bulbs to turn on periodically so that it looks like someone is home—an excellent burglary deterrent. Place a few in some lamps around the house and download the mobile app to program them.

2. Adjust your thermostat.

If your thermostat is programmable, all you need to do is set it to the “away” setting. For an older thermostat, you’ll get maximum energy savings by setting it to 78 degrees or higher during summer and 64 degrees or lower during winter.

It’s better to let your HVAC system come on periodically than to shut it off entirely because your system will use less energy overall maintaining a consistent temperature for your home than overcoming a huge temperature difference when you get back. Also, during winter, allowing your heater to run can prevent your pipes from freezing during a cold snap.

3. Shut off your home’s water.

This can prevent leaks and water damage from occurring while you're away. Turn off your home’s main water shut-off valve, and then turn on all of your faucets until no more water comes out. It’s as simple as that!

4. Ask someone to collect your mail.

If you’re going to have a housesitter, add this to their list of responsibilities. If not, ask a neighbor or friend to drop by and pick up your mail and newspapers so that it looks like you’re home. This will also prevent any important mail from being stolen.

5. Clean the refrigerator and take out the garbage.

No one wants to come home to smelly, rotten food and a pest infestation! Throw away any old food in your kitchen and inside your refrigerator, and empty every trash bin in your home.

6. Unplug your electronics.

This has two benefits: you’ll reduce the risk of electrical fires, and you’ll lower your energy bill. Remember, even in standby mode, electronics still use energy when plugged in!

7. Make sure all points of entry are secure.

Thieves can utilize windows, doors, basement hatches, and outdoor gates to enter your property. Go through your home from top to bottom to make sure every point of entry is locked.

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