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3 Reasons to Replace Your AC During Spring, Rather Than Summer

Did you know that on average, it costs about $100 per month to run an HVAC system for a 4-bedroom home? For aging, struggling systems, those monthly bills are even higher—as is the risk of the system breaking down on a hot day.

If you know your AC is just about ready to retire, here are some reasons to replace it during the spring, before that Texas heat really gets going.

  1. Get ahead of any potential problems.

If your system is past the 10-year mark, it’s more likely to have a problem with blazing-hot weather conditions and overheating. During the spring, your AC won’t have to work as hard transitioning from one temperature extreme to the other. However, during summer, an old system can overheat due to your home’s cooling demands during a heatwave.

If your AC isn’t working correctly during the easy spring season, it will only get worse once summer starts.

  1. Increasing Repair Costs and Wait Times

As your AC’s parts age and deteriorate, the system will start to require more and more repairs, on top of requiring more energy to operate. As a result, your old AC can end up costing you more money to fix over time than it would to simply purchase a new one.

What’s more, if you postpone a repair or replacement until summer, you may have to wait in a virtual line behind a lot of customers who have the exact same problems with their AC systems. Summer is the busiest season for HVAC contractors, and many of the most reputable companies can be completely booked when you need them most.

If you already know your AC is on its last leg, getting a replacement during spring can greatly reduce the chance that you’ll have to wait for air conditioning during unbearably hot weather.

  1. Financial Incentives

If you replace your air conditioner during spring, you may be able to take advantage of seasonal incentives and rebates offered by HVAC companies and manufacturers. At Tom's Mechanical, Inc., we typically have a special promotion for customers as well as our usual financing options, so we encourage you to contact us and ask us about them!

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