Spring Cleaning Tips

Another winter has already gone by. The people at Tom's Mechanical have certainly been busy. What that means for you is it's time for spring cleaning! While most people don't look forward to this time of year, spring cleaning tasks can go by a lot quicker if you follow the tips in this article. While you're cleaning your house, you can call on Tom's Mechanical for a yearly checkup of your heating and cooling systems.


When cleaning your windows, clean both the inside and outside with glass cleaner. Here's a tip from the professionals: clean your windows on a cloudy day. This ensures that your windows won't dry before you are done with the cleaning.

Granite Countertops

Have granite countertops? Make sure you get them sealed right after they're installed. When you see water droplets form on their surface, you'll know that your countertops are sealed properly. For proper maintenance, get them re-sealed a year later. You will also want to wipe up spills soon after they occur.

Wood Floors

Did you know that mopping your wood floors often could potentially ruin them? Instead, you should take a floor cleaner and clean them every one or two months. Spot clean whenever you need to do so. To ensure that you're cleaning your floors less often, put saucers under plants. Also, use furniture protectors so that your couches and tables don't scratch the floor.

Tiled Floors and Surfaces

You should only clean kitchen and bathroom tiles with neutral pH cleaners. If you want to be thrifty during this year's spring cleaning session, mix half a cup of baking soda into two gallons of water. Mix well. You can also use this mixture for any grout you may have.


Yes, you have to clean both the inside and outside of your fridge. Take the removable shelving out of your refrigerator and clean it in soapy water. Clean the inside of your fridge with a sponge. Once you do this, put the shelves back in the refrigerator.


The good news: you don't have to clean your rugs every year. Getting them cleaned every four to five years will suffice most of the time. You can wait up to ten years for rugs that don't get used a lot. If your rug gets stained, treat it with club soda. The key to getting rid of the toughest stains is to spring into cleaning action as soon as possible.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine needs attention during your spring cleaning, too. Run your washing machine with hot water. Add baking soda and white vinegar, then let the machine sit for up to an hour. Once this is done, restart your washing machine. Drain the machine, then allow it to dry before using it again.

Patio Furniture

Before your patio furniture makes its summer debut, wipe down the pieces (without cushions) with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Hose down the furniture and let it dry.