Checking for Air Leaks

Old repairs and improper weatherproofing or insulating jobs can leave your home or business drafty and cold. One way to keep your structure warm in the winter is to check for air leaks before the winter turns bitter cold. The wind will howl sooner rather than later, so now is the time to button everything up.

Chimneys, vents, and junctions between materials and the foundation are the most common places to find leaks in your building. Corners are other areas that can let the wind penetrate the structure. Fans, dryer vents, and utility connections without good seals can let air seep through the home or business.

Doors and windows
Of all the areas, door and window openings can leak the most. Improper fit, old sealers, and little or no insulation are a few of the things that can cause air to rush in around these areas. Replacing these items is not always affordable, but new weatherstripping or caulk can be a beneficial solution for the short-term.

Since this is a huge opening to the outdoors, you will want to make sure the dampener is working properly. If you find a problem, then Tom's Mechanical can help. Our Super Service Award Winning team has the equipment, tools, and experience to work with various models and get your building warm again.

Other places to check for leaks
Baseboards, outlets, and phone lines go through openings that can leak air. The U.S. Government says keeping air conditioners blanketed with an insulated cover can reduce the air flow into your home or business during the winter months.

Air Leak Detection & Sealing in Arlington, TX

The experts at Tom's Mechanical, Inc. can come and check your property for air leaks, test the quality of the air, replace HVAC units, and fix your appliances in an emergency. Our company is backed by the Building Performance Institute, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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