Your Furnace Gets No Respect!

Your Furnace Gets No Respect!

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

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Hot summer temperatures are still with us in north Texas, so it’s natural for homeowners to be focused on their central air conditioning system. After all, when the outside temperature is 100 degrees, not much is more important than cold air blowing inside your home.

Don’t focus on your A/C to a fault, though — before we know it, the leaves will begin to fall from the trees and the mornings will begin to feel cooler, then downright cold eventually.

Most of our residential customers own Planned Service Agreements, which means that Tom’s Mechanical comes out twice each year to perform preventive maintenance on heating and cooling systems. Almost everyone remembers to call us in the spring, but some of our customers forget that their systems need a fall checkup as well. While your furnace may have had a nice rest during the last five months, it will be needed before you know it. Will it be ready to warm your home, or has the off-season created problems?

Furnaces need the same kind of love and attention that air conditioners receive to perform optimally and to last for years to come.

This fall season, don’t forget to call Tom’s Mechanical for what could be a much needed tune-up on your furnace. Don’t wait for the weather to turn cold — be prepared so that you and your family can be cozy this winter!