You Let That Guy in Your Home?

You Let That Guy in Your Home?

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

The world is a harsher place than it used to be. Like it or not we all must be more careful about routine things, like who we let in our home to make repairs. So, how do you know which repairmen are safe?

Reputable service companies take great care to investigate backgrounds of all prospective employees. At Tom's Mechanical, your Dallas-Fort Worth HVAC service company, we run nationwide criminal background checks, driving record checks, and perform drug tests on all new employees.

The sad fact is that more than half of the background checks we run uncover significant discrepancies. Without such checks, we would run a major risk of sending technicians with felonies into the homes of unsuspecting homeowners!

As a homeowner you owe it to your family to ask questions before you hire a contractor or repair service. Have their employees been screened for drugs? Have criminal background checks been performed? How long have they been employed by the service company? These questions are fair and, if answered honestly, should protect your home and family from harm.

Tom’s Mechanical takes the safety of our customers even more seriously than we take the quality of our work, and, if you’ve used us before, you know that we perform the best A/C service in the Metroplex.

Don’t just invite any HVAC service company into your home — invite the best by calling up Tom’s Mechanical today!