Price vs. Value

Price vs. Value

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

We often receive calls from prospective customers who want to know the price of a new system. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with a call like that. After all, price is a major consideration for most customers. But at Tom's Mechanical we don't often provide "phone quotes,” not because we don't want to help, but because we do!

Replacing part or all of your heating and air conditioning system is a major investment and it deserves the attention of an expert. An expert can only do his job if he investigates your system thoroughly. Nearly every homeowner is unhappy with the performance of his or her system at some point or another. Whether the issue is high energy bills or hot and cold spots, the real problem can normally be diagnosed and solved. On average, it takes at least an hour in your home for a competent technician to properly evaluate a system and propose the correct solution.

Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars for a new HVAC system only to find that it has the same problems as their old system. Price is certainly a consideration, but overall value should be the deciding factor. Wouldn't you rather spend a little extra and have all of your issues addressed and resolved?

Tom's Mechanical has been a value contractor for more than 50 years. We employ the best experts in the business who are interested in providing a total solution to your heating and air conditioning problems.