Same Day HVAC Service? You Bet!

Same Day HVAC Service? You Bet!

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

Are you one of those people who forgot how to have your cooling system checked out while the weather was mild? Is your system failing to keep up now that the hotter weather has arrived? Don't worry - it isn't too late to call for service and to receive same day service!

Tom's Mechanical is in business to take care of customers so we maintain a large staff of trained technicians to solve your heating and cooling problems all day, everyday. Except in extreme conditions, we can normally diagnose and repair your problem the same day you call, especially if you call in the morning.

Even if your cooling system goes out in the evening or weekend, Tom's has technicians on call 24 hours a day. No need to put up with a hot house when you can call 972.254.7888 and receive a quick response.

Don't despair if you forgot to call for service early in the spring, we are waiting for your call! And, if you want more information about who we are, check us out online at