One A/C Gimmick You Should Avoid!

One A/C Gimmick You Should Avoid!

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

Now that the hot summer has arrived it seems that you can't listen to radio or television for more than ten minutes without hearing an advertisement for an inexpensive "A/C Tune-up Special." Sounds tempting, but you should run like the wind in the other direction!

Here is a quick economics lesson: Air conditioning companies are really busy during the hot summer months, but not-so-busy when the weather turns cool. The idea of offering special discounts while the phone is already ringing off the wall makes no financial sense unless a company is trying the old "bait and switch" technique. Companies like this know that once they get your hands on your air conditioning system they can sell you almost anything – and they do! Typically, they pay their technicians a bonus on every part or repair they sell.

Legitimate air conditioning service companies like Tom's Mechanical charge fair prices and do honest work. Giving technicians a financial incentive to find things wrong with your heating and cooling system isn't honest, and it isn't fair to the customer.

When it comes to air conditioning repairs you are far better off to pay a fair charge for a service call. Contact Tom's Mechanical at 972/254-7888 or check us out online at We'll put our 54 year reputation for integrity and excellence to work for you, regardless what the temperature is outside!