Four Keys to Home Comfort

Four Keys to Home Comfort

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

When asked if their home is really comfortable most homeowners mention hot and cold spots or excessive dust. But there are other factors which affect home comfort such as safety and efficiency.

To be really comfortable your home must be well insulated and sealed against air leakage. These two factors account for nearly all complaints about hot and cold spots.. As far as the issue of excessive dust, the problem usually involves air leaks between the attic and the living space, or deteriorating ductwork. Safety issues like gas leaks and improper ventilation can definitely affect the comfort of your living environment.

The final consideration on your home comfort checklist is what we call "financial comfort." Is the temperature in your home comfortable without spending a fortune on utility bills? The issue here could be aging heating and cooling equipment, or it could be some of the factors mentioned above like insulation and air leakage.

How do you know which of these keys is causing your problem? Green-Homes America partners with local contractors across the United States to provide very comprehensive home audits. Tom's Mechanical is the GreenHomes partner for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Contact Brian Lackey at 972/254-7888 for more details or to arrange an audit or visit us online at and click on the GreenHomes tab.