You'd Never Treat Your Car This Way!

You'd Never Treat Your Car This Way!

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

Man hitchhiking by a broken car

What do you think would happen to your car if you decided not to change the oil regularly? Sooner or later the engine would quit running, that's what! And those consequences are severe enough to cause almost all of us to pay attention to oil change intervals.

But are you as diligent about preventive maintenance on your central heating and air conditioning system? Some of us are, but many are not. As in the case of your automobile, a lack of maintenance shortens the life and the efficiency of your heating and cooling components. Your investment in your heating and air conditioning system may not be as great as your automobile, but who wants to replace a system prematurely?

The solution is simple – purchase a preventive maintenance agreement from a reputable service company. For not much money a service technician will come to your home twice each year to change filters, check refrigerant levels, inspect components for excessive wear and clean coils where necessary. This type of routine attention ensures efficient operation all year long and can definitely ex- tend the operating life of the system.

Next time you are waiting for your automobile oil to be changed, give some thought to your hardworking heating and cooling system. For a quality service company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call Tom's Mechanical.