Integrity Matters

Integrity Matters

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

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I am often asked what sets Tom's Mechanical apart from our competitors in the heating and air conditioning business. It is a fair question and one which is easy to answer. At Tom's Mechanical we believe that integrity should govern everything we do and every decision we make. That is what makes us different.

When things are going well, the weather is hot, and cash flow is strong, it is easy to make honorable decisions. When the amounts of money are small it is easy to make adjustments to invoices. However, when business is slow and money is tight, the decision to be honorable can get more difficult.

But should it? At Tom's we believe in doing the right thing regardless of circumstances. In fact, the only question we ask ourselves in difficult situations is, "What is the right thing to do?"

Doing the right thing can be painful in the short term, but over the long haul we believe it is the only way to behave. Maybe that's why we are about to celebrate our 55 th year in the heating and cooling business!

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