What Should You Expect From an A/C Service Technician?

What Should You Expect From an A/C Service Technician?

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

Are you gripped with fear every time you need to call an air conditioning company for service? Are you concerned about high prices or about "technical talk" you don't really understand? It doesn't need to be that way. You should expect more from your experience with an a/c repair company.

First, you should expect a technician to be clean, courteous, uniformed and respectful of your home. If he isn't all of these things you should not allow him to enter your house. Next, you should expect him to be knowledgeable and able to communicate. A technician who cannot explain problems and solutions in easily understandable terms is not a well-trained technician.

Finally, you should expect your technician to be honest. Air conditioning systems break down occasionally and most repairs are reasonably priced. If a service technician tries to pressure you into spending more money than you are comfortable spending, pay him for his labor and send him on his way.

Tom's Mechanical has been repairing and replacing air conditioning systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 50 years. We only employ honest, friendly, well-trained technicians. If you are ready to take the fear out of calling for a/c repairs give us a call at 972/254-7888 or check us out online at tomsmechanical.com