If You Call Us, We Will Come

If You Call Us, We Will Come

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

Officially we are still in the springtime, but it is beginning to feel like summer has already arrived. Temperatures are creeping into the 90's and high humidity levels make it feel even warmer. If your cooling system hasn't had a preseason tune-up, you may already be feeling uncomfortable in your home. You know that you should have a technician check out your system, but you fear that you waited too long. Does that sound like your situation?

There's no need to be afraid, and certainly no reason to procrastinate any longer. Companies like Tom's Mechanical have full staffs of technicians ready to take care of your air conditioning systems day or night. Unless the temperatures are well over 100 degrees, we can normally respond the same day, especially if you call in the morning. Under normal circumstances, you won't even need to pay overtime charges.

Even if your situation is an emergency and requires us to come out at odd hours, we always have technicians on call for your convenience. Whether you just need some peace of mind going into the summer, or your system quits just before dinner guests are to arrive, you can reach us at 972.254.7888 all day, everyday. For more information about Tom's Mechanical, visit out website at TomsMechanical.com

Don't put it off any longer; the really hot weather is just around the corner!