Do it Yourself A/C Repairs

Do it Yourself A/C Repairs

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

You need to save money and you have a little experience with do-it-yourself projects. Why not save a little money and perform your air conditioning maintenance yourself?

Good news - there really are some maintenance items you can take care of yourself. The easiest and most important is regular filter replacement. Fiberglass filters should be changed monthly, and pleated filters can last up to three months. Our recommendation is that you purchase good quality pleated filters. (Money saved by buying cheap filters will cost you plenty in the long run).

Next, you can easily clean surface debris from the outside of your conditioning unit. The condensing unit is the outside portion of your heating and cooling system. Be sure to turn the unit off before turning the hose on, and then gently spray from top to bottom to wash dirt, leaves and pine needles from the condenser coils. Clean condenser coils allow your system to operate efficiently during peak periods, thereby saving energy and providing more cool air.

By performing these simple tasks, you will save money and enjoy great system performance during the hot summer weather. Problems are inevitable and when they occur, be sure to contact a licensed, reputable service provider like Tom's Mechanical. Contact us 24 hours a day at 972.254.7888 or visit our website.

Be careful out there!