Commercial Energy Management Pays Quick Dividends

Businesses faced with high energy bills now have better solutions than ever before to reduce bills and improve comfort. Even modest investments in energy management devices can produce financial returns in excess of 30% annually.

Thermostats – The easiest and least expensive energy management improvement is to upgrade older thermostats. Today's thermostats are easily programmable and can even be connected to wi-fi and controlled through a PC, laptop or mobile device. As most business owners know, thermostats are only as effective as the people using them. Wi-fi thermostats can be linked together to permit access by one or a small group of individuals.

Energy Management Systems – For many years, energy management systems were too expensive to be practical in smaller buildings. Honeywell has a terrific energy management system, which can be inexpensively installed and is controllable entirely from mobile devices, including your cell phone! What's more, such systems can also control lighting and security if needed and are easily upgradable when more capacity is required.

If you are searching for ways to reduce rising utility bills be sure to investigate energy management devices like the ones mentioned here. It isn't necessary to choose the latest and greatest technology, just stay with proven names like Honeywell and Tom's Mechanical, Inc.

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