Preventive Maintenance or Wait Until it Breaks?

We seem to have two types of customers; those who are fanatical about preventive maintenance and those who only call us when their heating and air conditioning systems break down. Which approach is the right one? Which approach saves the most money?

Customers who are committed to preventive maintenance typically purchase a Planned Service Agreement, which covers all the hvac systems in their home. The agreement calls for us to visit their home twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall. During those visits we thoroughly check the heating and cooling components for cleanliness and signs of wear. The cost of such an agreement for a single residential system is just $125 annually.

Customers who only call when something goes wrong with a furnace or a/c system prefer not to spend money on preventive maintenance. Many of them tell us that maintenance is a low priority and they don't mind taking a risk. Here's the problem with that approach.

All mechanical equipment benefits from periodic maintenance. Just as the oil in your car must be changed at routine intervals, heating and cooling equipment must be clean to operate efficiently. For instance, the coils on your condensing unit (the outside unit) must be washed occasionally or they cake up with dirt and debris. Although dirty coils can lead to bigger problems, the immediate problem is that they lead to higher energy bills as your cooling system works harder to compensate. So, as you save money on maintenance you pay more for energy.

The facts are clear that a well-maintained hvac system lasts longer, provides better comfort and uses less energy than a system which is not maintained. Investigate a Planned Service Agreement from Tom's Mechanical by calling our Arlington office today.

Watch our video that includes just a few of the services included in our Planned Service Agreement. Understanding Your AC System