My AC System Runs All the Time

With the hot summer season now upon us the most common complaint we hear is that air conditioners "run all the time." Let's look at the reasons this might be happening to you.

First, heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. If your system was not checked and cleaned prior to this cooling season, a simple tune-up could be your answer.

Next, like most things, the operating efficiency on an a/c system declines with age. When it was new your system may have been able to keep up by running part time. Now that it is older it may need to work harder and run longer. Central air conditioning systems have a projected life of 11 to 14 years so it may make sense to look at replacing your system if it is over 10 years old.

Finally, cooling systems must be properly sized to operate in the most efficient manner possible. A system, which is undersized may run all the time and still not be able to keep up with the need for cooling. (Improper levels of insulation should also be investigated.)

If your system is "running all the time" you should call a professional service company like Tom's Mechanical. Contact our Arlington HVAC team today. Be proactive and get your comfort and utility bills under control!