Can Anything be Done About Hot and Cold Spots in my Home?

Improper airflow normally results from one of the following causes:

Ductwork issues – Over time, ductwork can deteriorate or become damaged. If you had good airflow at one time but not now, this is likely the cause. On the other hand, if you have always had hot and cold spots in your home the ductwork may have been improperly sized during installation.

Return air issues – One of the most common causes of improper airflow is a lack of return air, or improperly sized return air ducts. Proper air circulation in your home depends on a good balance between return air and supply ducts. A lack of return air results in rooms, which may feel stagnant and are consistently hot or cold, depending on the season.

Air balance issues – Many homeowners complain of too much air in some rooms and too little air in others. This problem cannot be solved by adjusting supply grilles in the affected rooms. Instead, installation of manual air dampers into the ductwork allows airflow to be balanced to all rooms in the home. Ask your service technician if dampers have been installed in your ductwork and, if so, have him adjust them for balanced air flow.

Airflow issues are very common and usually can be solved by professionals. If you wonder about airflow issues in your home call Tom's Mechanical, an Arlington HVAC company has been solving air flow issues for its customers for more than 50 years!