3 Tips for Preventative Maintainence for Residential HVAC Systems

Air Conditioning

#1: Replace Filters

Replacing the filters to your HVAC unit every one to six months is imperative to preventing problems with your system. How often you will need to change them out depends on the area where you live (rural areas will probably have more inside dust that suburban), pets in the household, number of people, etc. Clean filters only cost you a small amount, but can help save hundreds on your energy bill over the life of your heating & cooling unit.

#2: Cleaning the Coils

Most homeowners do not realize that they need to clean the coils on the unit on a bi-annual basis. Systems that are indoors can often be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Air conditioning systems outdoors will need to have the panel removed and the coils hosed out. Often, our customers are incredibly surprised how much dirt and grime collects on these coils, causing the system to have to work harder and increasing your electric bills.

#3: Check for Damage

It is also important to check the unit for any damage on a bi-annual basis. This includes any tubing, fan blades, motor, etc. While this step can be a bit daunting the first time you check it, after a few times you will be easily able to spot and troubleshoot any minor problems. This will also help you avoid expensive ac repair.

Keep your system in top shape through regularcooling maintenance.
This will not only ensure the system is able to cool your home when needed, it can also make a big difference on your energy bills.