Why Your Second Story Bedroom is Too Hot


It's August in Texas and that means that many afternoons our temperatures reach past 100 degrees. The sound of air conditioners humming along can be heard on every residential street. This time of year air conditioners seem to run all day and most of the night. But, with all that run time, is your home getting cool – especially the rooms upstairs? Maybe not.

Homes in hot climates like Texas are designed to maintain an inside temperature which is up to 25 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. At 95 degrees outside your air conditioner may be able to maintain your home at a cool 70 degrees. But, what happens when the outside temperature hits 105? You guessed it, your living room may not cool below 80 degrees under these conditions. And, 80 degrees can feel like a sauna if you are used to cooler indoor temperatures.

Things get even worse if your two-story home has a single AC system cooling both upstairs and downstairs. Since heat rises, the upstairs rooms will almost always be uncomfortable during the hot summer temperatures.

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