Why We are a Trane Dealer

For many years Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. represented another major brand and was fully satisfied with its quality and performance. When that manufacturer began cutting corners and lowering product quality however, Tom’s began looking for another option. After considering every major brand we selected Trane for two primary reasons. First, Trane builds a superior product and is known by consumers for its quality and reliability. “It’s hard to stop a Trane” is not just their advertising slogan, its a fact! The second reason we chose Trane – and the reason we continue to represent their products – is the outstanding customer support we receive from them.

At Tom’s Mechanical we are proud to advertise that, “When you take good care of your customers, the money takes care of itself.” That’s kind of how Trane views customer service, too. Every time we ask Trane to do the “right thing” for our customers they come through, even when the fine print says they aren’t required to. They support us in a manner which allows us to treat customers the way customers deserve to be treated. For us, that’s the most important consideration.

Several air conditioning manufacturers produce quality products but we have never found another manufacturer which treats its dealers and customers as well as Trane treats us. Until that changes Tom’s will continue to be a Trane dealer!

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