Great Employees: How We Keep Them

One of my business mentors liked to say that he looked for employees “he would like to have a beer with after work.” Sounds simplistic, but I believe he was on to something. Nice people; people who are fun and interesting to hang around with are simply more likely to work hard at making customers happy. So, first we look for nice people who we would like to know outside of the workplace.

Next, we look for people who have demonstrated loyalty to past employers. Every job applicant says he is looking to settle down with a company, but these days very few employees are long-term oriented. We target employees who stayed with a previous employer for at least 3 years.

The last piece to our employee puzzle belongs to us. We train our employees well and we take special care of them. Next to our customers we value our employees most and we take every opportunity to show them we care. Public praise, cash rewards, special lunches and event tickets are all ways we reward our employees. Most of our employees will say that Tom’s is the best company they have ever worked for!

In the last month we have honored Commercial Installer “Big Dave” Carnes for 15 years of service and Residential Technican Carl Jones for his 10th year with Tom’s. As commonplace as anniversary celebrations have become however, we never take them for granted. Special employees produce special customer relationships and that’s what we really celebrate!

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