Ordinary Isn't Good Enough

At Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. we believe four things about providing excellent customer service:

  • First, our customers are entitled to the same excellent experience every time, regardless of which employee(s) they deal with.
  • Second, we will never understand our customers’ needs unless we listen to them.
  • Third, our product is service, not parts and equipment. We must always view ourselves as a service company first, and as an air conditioning service company second.
  • Finally, we don’t earn our pay by being ordinary. It is up to all of us to make every experience with Tom’s Mechanical a special experience.

From the moment a Tom’s employee arrives at your home or business we want you to feel comfortable with him. He will be friendly and neat. He will listen to your description of problems before beginning work. He will let you know how long he will be working and what repairs will cost before repair work begins. He will protect your home or business from damages while he works and he will be respectful of your time. If you desire, he will explain in plain english what work was done and why it was needed.

We believe that all the time and money we spend on customer service training is the best investment we can make. Good customer service may be harder to find these days, but it is alive and well at Tom’s Mechanical!

If you are in need of an HVAC service in Arlington, request a service today!