The Importance of Loyalty

The heating and air conditioning industry, like many service industries is somewhat infamous for high levels of employee turnover. When someone like Josh chooses to spend a decade with the same company, that kind of loyalty shouldn’t go unnoticed. High quality service technicians like Josh can find jobs at many other companies, yet he remains at Tom’s. So, why does he remain with the same company?

During his brief acceptance speech, Josh mentioned the people at Tom’s as his primary reason for staying. He said he “feels at home” here, and we hope he “feels at home” for another decade! If pressed further, I’ll bet Josh would say that loyalty is a two-way street, and that Tom’s has been loyal to him, too! We work hard to provide a great working environment at Tom’s and it is especially gratifying when our employees choose to spend many years with us. Including Josh we now can claim that 25% of our employees have been with the company for ten years or more!

If you ask around, most people would say that loyalty between a company and its employees is a concept from a bygone era. We disagree, and ask you to talk to Josh Wallace, our latest example of a loyal employee. Let’s celebrate!