A Salute to Hard Workers

This summer in Texas has been one of the hottest on record, with more than 30 consecutive days of temperatures over 100 degrees! While that is good for our air conditioning business, it takes a terrible toll on our employees. Attics are over 140 degrees yet our residential installers spend nearly every day in a different attic. Our Arlington commercial technicians work on top of the hottest roofs imagineable for hours at a time with little or no protection from the sun and heat. All of our field employees are impacted by the heat, but few complain.

I am constantly amazed that these employees are able to work in such difficult conditions yet are unfailingly polite to our customers. Few days pass without a note, e-mail or phone call from customers who appreciate the hard work and positive attitude of Tom’s employees.

For those people who think that the current generation of employees doesn’t compare to previous generations, I beg to differ. I couldn’t be prouder of the fine group of people who wear the Tom’s uniform and take exceptional care of our customers. You guys are awesome!