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  • 5 Energy Efficient Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

    || 5-Feb-2019

    It doesn't take a Polar Vortex to cause a pricy winter! Even average winter temperatures can make your energy costs skyrocket. Rather than accept higher-than-usual gas and electric bills with a frown and a sigh, make an effort to save energy and money. Here are five easy and energy efficient ways to keep warm this winter. 1. Dress in Layers to Help Stay Warm. You wouldn't go outdoors ...
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  • Why Choose Tom's Mechanical Inc.?

    || 1-Dec-2018

    Need HVAC Services? The next time you're in need of an HVAC service, you should consider us at Tom's Mechanical. No one should be sitting around with a broken furnace or air conditioning unit. From our quality service to our affordable rates, there's a reason we've received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. To make sure you receive the best service at the best price, ...
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  • If You Call Us, We Will Come

    || 29-Apr-2014

    ⁄ ⁄ If You Call Us, We Will Come Posted by Tom's Mechanical Officially we are still in the springtime, but it is beginning to feel like summer has already arrived. Temperatures are creeping into the 90's and high humidity levels make it feel even warmer. If your cooling system hasn't had a preseason tune-up, you may already be feeling uncomfortable in your home. You know ...
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  • Do it Yourself A/C Repairs

    || 22-Apr-2014

    ⁄ ⁄ Do it Yourself A/C Repairs Posted by Tom's Mechanical You need to save money and you have a little experience with do-it-yourself projects. Why not save a little money and perform your air conditioning maintenance yourself? Good news - there really are some maintenance items you can take care of yourself. The easiest and most important is regular filter replacement. Fiberglass ...
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  • 5 Easy, Money-Saving Home Efficiency Hacks

    || 21-Apr-2014

    Times are tough. Financial recovery is coming slowly, but most of us are still feeling the hurt of the so-called "Great Recession." But in good times or bad, nobody wants to throw away money, especially not on invisible energy costs caused by inefficiency. That's why homeowners have spent so much time coming up with tips and tricks to get the most for their dollar when it comes to ...
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  • Are Pathogens Hiding Out in Your Vents?

    || 11-Mar-2014

    As we're sure you know by now, it is very important to change your filters regularly and perform routine HVAC maintenance. There is no doubt that these are two of the biggest steps in minimizing dust and keeping your unit running smoothly. However, there is another important area of HVAC system maintenance and contaminant control that homeowners and technicians often overlook - ventilation ...
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  • How to Know When to Repair and When to Replace Your HVAC System

    || 10-Feb-2014

    As your home ages, different fixtures of your heating and air conditioning system will begin to deteriorate. For the most part, the condition of your HVAC system can be sustained for a quite some time, given that its parts are maintained, repaired, and replaced when needed. However, there comes a point in the life of every system where you must decide whether or not to continue repairing it or ...
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  • The Ultimate Guide to HVAC Air Filters

    || 4-Feb-2014

    Regular filter replacement is an important part of every HVAC maintenance routine. However, the type of filter that you choose for your HVAC system matters too. For what seems like a simple part, air filters can actually be pretty complicated. Filters come in a variety of types, sizes, and qualities, making choosing the right one somewhat of a hassle. And if any member of your family suffers from ...
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  • How to Choose the Most Energy-Efficient Green HVAC System for Your Home

    || 28-Jan-2014

    During the recent nation-wide cold snap, average daily temperatures were in the teens, and home heating units were being stressed to their limits. Of course, it won't be long before we're back into the dog days of summer, another time of year when our HVAC systems are pushed to the max. Along without HVAC units, our energy bills also seem to be maxed out during these times of extreme ...
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  • Why Maintenance Matters

    || 14-Nov-2013

    Is AC Maintenance Worth It? If you are one of those homeowners in the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp, this message is for you. Maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is a necessity, not an option. Much like your car, heating and air conditioning systems require routine maintenance to function properly. And, just as poorly maintained vehicles get poor gas ...
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  • 3 Signs of an Aging Furnace

    || 9-Oct-2013

    How do you know when it is time to replace your gas furnace ? HVAC industry statistics indicate that central heating and cooling systems have an average life of less than 15 years, so if your furnace was installed before 2000 it may be showing signs of wear. However, if it is has been properly serviced your furnace could easily last 20 years or longer. How do you know where you stand? Consider the ...
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  • Why Your Second Story Bedroom is Too Hot

    || 8-Aug-2013

    It's August in Texas and that means that many afternoons our temperatures reach past 100 degrees. The sound of air conditioners humming along can be heard on every residential street. This time of year air conditioners seem to run all day and most of the night. But, with all that run time, is your home getting cool – especially the rooms upstairs? Maybe not. Homes in hot climates like ...
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  • What is That Dripping Sound in My Attic?

    || 1-Aug-2013

    Water Dripping Sound From Attic? Here's What it Could Be In Texas it is common for HVAC equipment to be located in the attic. The evaporator coil and air handler or furnace are installed above the ceiling while the condensing unit is located outside the home. This is done to free up floor space within the home. There is only one drawback to HVAC equipment being located in your attic: ...
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  • Preventive Maintenance or Wait Until it Breaks?

    || 17-Jul-2013

    We seem to have two types of customers; those who are fanatical about preventive maintenance and those who only call us when their heating and air conditioning systems break down. Which approach is the right one? Which approach saves the most money? Customers who are committed to preventive maintenance typically purchase a Planned Service Agreement, which covers all the hvac systems in their home. ...
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  • My AC System Runs All the Time

    || 10-Jul-2013

    With the hot summer season now upon us the most common complaint we hear is that air conditioners "run all the time." Let's look at the reasons this might be happening to you. First, heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. If your system was not checked and cleaned prior to this cooling season, a simple tune-up could be your answer. ...
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  • Can Anything be Done About Hot and Cold Spots in my Home?

    || 3-Jul-2013

    Aside from system breakdowns, questions about improper or uneven airflow are the most common comments ac repair service companies hear from homeowners. The good news is that many airflow problems can be inexpensively solved. Improper airflow normally results from one of the following causes: Ductwork issues – Over time, ductwork can deteriorate or become damaged. If you had good airflow at ...
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  • Good Customer Service is All About "Doing the Right Thing"

    || 25-Jun-2013

    Hardly a week goes by without a news report about how customer service in American business is on the decline. The funny thing is, more money is spent now on "customer service improvements" and "customer service training" than at any point in history. So, why isn't customer service getting better instead of worse? Because the needs of the business are too often put before ...
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  • How to Reduce High Summer Energy Bills

    || 19-Jun-2013

    Now is the time of year when nearly everyone gets an unwelcome surprise in the mail – the first summer utility bill! Texas summers are brutal, but there are many things you can do to reduce the high cost of cooling during the hot weather. Thermostats – First, if you haven't already done so, now is the time to invest in a programmable thermostat. Programming is easy and you should ...
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  • Stay Cool by Beating the Heat Infographic

    || 17-Jun-2013

    When it comes to keeping your home cool in the hot and sweltering summer months, leave no stone unturned in aiding your AC as it quietly and steadily battles the solar blaze above your head. There are ways to keep your home cooler in the interior, such as waiting to cook things until the cooler hours when windows can be opened. There are things you can add to your interior like plantation shutters ...
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  • An Exceptional AC Service Company

    || 12-Jun-2013

    Most homeowners have plenty of stories about poor experiences with service companies. Unfortunately, some of the worst stories are told about ac repair companies. Is there an ac repair company out there which is truly different? Good news! The answer is yes! Tom's Mechanical has been successfully serving Arlington heating and cooling customers for more than 50 years. We maintain an A+ rating ...
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  • Commercial Energy Management Pays Quick Dividends

    || 5-Jun-2013

    Businesses faced with high energy bills now have better solutions than ever before to reduce bills and improve comfort. Even modest investments in energy management devices can produce financial returns in excess of 30% annually. Thermostats – The easiest and least expensive energy management improvement is to upgrade older thermostats. Today's thermostats are easily programmable and can ...
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  • The Cheapest Heating and Cooling Maintenance You Can Perform

    || 30-May-2013

    Let's face it; ac repairs are expensive. Even worse, cooling and heating system breakdowns affect your quality of life, especially during severe weather months. What can you do to minimize the need for ac repairs? Actually, the answer is simple and quite inexpensive! Like all mechanical equipment, your cooling and heating system operates best when it is kept clean. The best way to keep your ...
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  • Freon Prices Escalating for HVAC Systems

    || 22-May-2013

    If you have an older central air conditioning system which uses R-22 (Freon) refrigerant you need to know what is happening with its price. First, a little background. Several years ago traditional refrigerants (R-22 and others) began a phase-out period due to worldwide fears of ozone depletion. A new, environmentally friendly refrigerant was developed (R-410A) which has become the standard for ...
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  • The Basics of Heating and Cooling

    || 8-May-2013

    Heating and cooling equipment is just like your car – avoid routine maintenance and you wind up paying a hefty price for unneeded repairs. The basic fact is that a well-maintained heating and cooling system provides trouble-free comfort for many years longer than does a poorly maintained system. Most residential preventive maintenance programs provide a heating checkup in the fall and a ...
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  • What You Should Know Before Buying an AC Unit

    || 23-Apr-2013

    Sooner or later you are going to need to replace the existing air conditioning system in your home. Fortunately, this only happens once every fifteen years or so. But, since it happens infrequently you probably don't know the questions to ask before you sign up for a new system. First, deal only with licensed contractors, preferably those listed as Accredited Businesses with the Better ...
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