Blog Posts in October, 2019

  • Why You Should Have Your Furnace Checked Before Fall

    || 31-Oct-2019

    When is the right time to have your heating system checked ? Is it too early to have it done in September, or should you wait until the cold weather arrives? Like many questions, the answer is "the sooner is better." Don't worry about the outside temperature. Heating components can be inspected at any time, so why wait until schedules get crowded? Once the cold weather arrives you ...
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  • Single Stage vs. Variable Speed HVAC Systems

    || 15-Oct-2019

    If you’ve been shopping for a new central air system lately, you’ve likely come across the term variable-speed compressor. Let’s break down what that means exactly. Single-Stage Air Conditioner Many residential homes rely on central air conditioners that house single-stage compressors. The reason for this is simple: single-stage or fixed-speed technology was the standard in HVAC ...
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