Blog Posts in December, 2019

  • Why Does My Heater Smell?

    || 19-Dec-2019

    Winter is nearly here, and it’s chilly here in Arlington! Now that we’re in the thick of heating season, many people may be starting to notice odd things about their heater, especially those who skipped an annual heating tune-up. Weird smells are among the most common complaints people have about their heaters. But which smells are normal and which are cause for alarm? As a savvy ...
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  • 4 HVAC Tips for Holiday Hosting

    || 13-Dec-2019

    You’ve wrapped the gifts, decked the halls and trimmed the tree. With all the holiday preparations, your HVAC system likely wasn’t top of mind. While your furnace may not have the wow factor of 10,000 twinkling LEDs, it’s a crucial component of holiday get-togethers nonetheless. After all, it’s difficult to spread warmth and good cheer when your HVAC unit is broken. ...
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