Responding to Mistakes

Posted By Posted by Tom's Mechanical || 4-Nov-2014

Responding to Mistakes

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

Many of our new customers call us the first time after reading positive reviews and ratings from Angie's List or the Better Business Bureau. What surprised us recently was learning that one of our newest customers hired Tom's after reading a negative review!

We certainly don't brag about getting negative reviews, and we work very hard to avoid them. In reality, Tom's Mechanical has only one negative review at the Better Business Bureau during the past three years. What caught the eye of our new customer was not so much what we did, but how we responded to the complaint. Our policy is always to acknowledge our error, refund the labor charges on the affected invoice, and see what we can do to overcome any negativity caused by our mistake. Following this honest, straightforward procedure allows us to successfully retain customers almost every time and, on occasion, gain a new one.

If you have had a bad experience with another heating and cooling company, don't assume that all of us are the same. Tom's Mechanical has been a reputable HVAC contractor for more than 50 years. We'd love the chance to prove ourselves to you the next time you have a heating or cooling problem. Call Tom’s Mechanical today!

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