Don't Ignore That Little Drip, Drip, Drip!

Posted By Posted by Tom's Mechanical || 26-Jun-2014

Don’t Ignore That Little Drip, Drip, Drip!

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

When the outside weather is hot and/or humid your air conditioning system runs a lot of the time. When your system is doing its job properly it creates large quantities of moisture called condensation or condensate. Under normal conditions this moisture exits through your drainage system.

Like all plumbing systems, condensate drains can become clogged. When that happens the moisture exits through a secondary (or emergency) drain. These drains typically are placed in visible locations so that you know something is wrong. For instance, if condensate is dripping outside your bedroom window, that is an indication that your main drain is plugged up. Whatever you do, don't ignore the dripping! What happens if the emergency drain clogs up? The condensate must exit somewhere, and too often that "somewhere" is through your bedroom or living room ceiling.

Repairs to condensate drains are normally inexpensive so don't hesitate to call your HVAC service company at the first indication of a problem. It is much cheaper to fix a drain than to replace a ceiling! So, next time you see water dripping from an unexpected place, don't ignore it – fix it! As always, if you need an expert call Tom's Mechanical at 972/254-7888 or check us out online at

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