Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Pumps

    || 30-Jun-2014

    ⁄ ⁄ The Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Pumps Posted by Tom's Mechanical As consumers have become more concerned with energy efficiency, heat pumps have soared in popularity due to their money-saving efficiency. However, most consumers are still in the dark when it comes to the details behind heat pumps. Although they are highly efficient, there are several details to take into ...
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  • Don't Ignore That Little Drip, Drip, Drip!

    || 26-Jun-2014

    When the outside weather is hot and/or humid your air conditioning system runs a lot of the time. When your system is doing its job properly it creates large quantities of moisture called condensation or condensate. Under normal conditions this moisture exits through your drainage system. Like all plumbing systems, condensate drains can become clogged. When that happens the moisture exits through ...
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  • 5 Secrets to Staying Cool Without AC

    || 23-Jun-2014

    Whether you're forgoing air conditioning altogether or simply trying to get the most AC-mileage from your buck, there are plenty of home hacks to keep you cool without running your AC unit full blast 24/7. Photo by Peter Morgan Cool Down Bedding With Ice Packs Night time is one of the most difficult times to endure hot indoor temperatures. Most people prefer to turn their thermostats down in ...
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  • One A/C Gimmick You Should Avoid!

    || 23-Jun-2014

    ⁄ ⁄ One A/C Gimmick You Should Avoid! Posted by Tom's Mechanical Now that the hot summer has arrived it seems that you can't listen to radio or television for more than ten minutes without hearing an advertisement for an inexpensive "A/C Tune-up Special." Sounds tempting, but you should run like the wind in the other direction! Here is a quick economics lesson: Air ...
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  • Same Day HVAC Service? You Bet!

    || 4-Jun-2014

    ⁄ ⁄ Same Day HVAC Service? You Bet! Posted by Tom's Mechanical Are you one of those people who forgot how to have your cooling system checked out while the weather was mild? Is your system failing to keep up now that the hotter weather has arrived? Don't worry - it isn't too late to call for service and to receive same day service! Tom's Mechanical is in business to ...
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