Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Preventive Maintenance or Wait Until it Breaks?

    || 17-Jul-2013

    We seem to have two types of customers; those who are fanatical about preventive maintenance and those who only call us when their heating and air conditioning systems break down. Which approach is the right one? Which approach saves the most money? Customers who are committed to preventive maintenance typically purchase a Planned Service Agreement, which covers all the hvac systems in their home. ...
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  • My AC System Runs All the Time

    || 10-Jul-2013

    With the hot summer season now upon us the most common complaint we hear is that air conditioners "run all the time." Let's look at the reasons this might be happening to you. First, heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. If your system was not checked and cleaned prior to this cooling season, a simple tune-up could be your answer. ...
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  • Can Anything be Done About Hot and Cold Spots in my Home?

    || 3-Jul-2013

    Aside from system breakdowns, questions about improper or uneven airflow are the most common comments ac repair service companies hear from homeowners. The good news is that many airflow problems can be inexpensively solved. Improper airflow normally results from one of the following causes: Ductwork issues – Over time, ductwork can deteriorate or become damaged. If you had good airflow at ...
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