Blog Posts in July, 2011

  • Saving Energy the Right Way

    || 13-Jul-2011

    Everyone has suggestions on how to save energy these days, but do all of the ideas make financial sense? Should you buy an electric car? Should you replace all the windows in your home? Should you install a radiant barrier in your attic? At Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. we take a pretty simple approach to energy saving investments. The first question we always ask is, “How soon will my ...
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  • What Ever Happened to You're Welcome?

    || 6-Jul-2011

    Many things in our world have gotten better in the past 20 years, but common courtesy isn’t one of them. “Please” and “thank you” must be in short supply because they certainly aren’t used much anymore. And it seems like “you’re welcome” has been permanently replaced by “no problem!” At Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. we teach our ...
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