Why You Should Have Your Furnace Checked Before Fall

When is the right time to have your heating system checked? Is it too early to have it done in September, or should you wait until the cold weather arrives?

Like many questions, the answer is "the sooner is better." Don't worry about the outside temperature. Heating components can be inspected at any time, so why wait until schedules get crowded? Once the cold weather arrives you may have trouble scheduling a convenient appointment.

When is the Best Time to Schedule Heating Maintenance?

Tom's Mechanical, our Arlington heating service company recommends both a fall and a spring inspection to its residential customers. Heating and air conditioning systems operate best when they are clean and properly adjusted.

What can go wrong with a heating system? In the best case, gas furnaces should be cleaned and inspected annually. In the worst case a cracked heat exchanger can introduce dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. With electric heaters it is important to check for proper operation and safety. It isn't uncommon for a heat strip to stick in the "on" position causing very high electric bills. Finally, heat pumps are highly complex pieces of equipment which should be tuned up twice annually to produce the best results.

Even when the temperatures are still warm outside it is time to think about your fall heating inspection. Just think how smart you will feel when your friends are scrambling during the first cold spell and you are enjoying a warm, toasty home!

Contact Tom's Mechanical today to schedule a fall inspection.