How Tom's Mechanical has Stayed in Business for 54 Years

How Tom's Mechanical has Stayed in Business for 54 Years

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Tom's Mechanical happens to be in the HVAC business, but our philosophy would have kept us in business for more than half a century in lots of other businesses, too!

"Take care of the customer and the money will take care of itself." That business philosophy works wherever customer service is important.

We recently dealt with a customer whose warranty had expired a week earlier. The system had experienced several problems over five years and we didn't think the manufacturer was being fair. So Tom's took care of the customer first, then battled with the manufacturer. Did it cost us money? Yes, it did in the short term. But look at it another way — we kept a valuable customer and our short-term loss will be repaid many times in the future.

Everyone at Tom's Mechanical thinks the same way when it comes to customer service. When faced with a problem we always ask, "What is the right thing to do?" And, once we can answer that simple question honestly, we do exactly what we know is right. Doing right by our customers has paid off for more than fifty years, and we think it will continue to pay off well into the future.

If you're looking for a heating and cooling company committed to doing the right thing by its customers, give Tom's Mechanical a call today. You can check us out online at to learn even more about why we have succeeded in the HVAC business for 54 years!