The Cheapest Heating and Cooling Maintenance You Can Perform

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Let's face it; ac repairs are expensive. Even worse, cooling and heating system breakdowns affect your quality of life, especially during severe weather months. What can you do to minimize the need for ac repairs? Actually, the answer is simple and quite inexpensive!

Like all mechanical equipment, your cooling and heating system operates best when it is kept clean. The best way to keep your system clean is to replace the filter on a regular basis. And, even though the cost is slightly higher we strongly recommend purchasing a good quality pleated filter instead of an inexpensive fiberglass filter. The additional cost is offset by less-frequent filter changes and the improvement to the cleanliness of your cooling coil. Fiberglass filters must be changed monthly while a good pleated filter should last three months in most environments.

The other basic maintenance, which can be performed by a homeowner is cleaning the condenser coils. (The condenser is the "outside" unit of your cooling system.) Minor cleaning can be accomplished by gently hosing off the exterior surfaces of the condensing units. (Be sure to turn the system off prior to cleaning.) For more adventurous homeowners, the top of the condenser can be removed and the coils can be washed from the inside out. Under normal circumstances, condenser coils should be cleaned twice each year. However, the presence of trees or heavy dust can make more frequent cleanings necessary.

Avoid hvac repairs by following these tips to keep your cooling and heating system clean. For more severe issues, call the Arlington HVAC professionals.