Good Customer Service is All About "Doing the Right Thing"

Hardly a week goes by without a news report about how customer service in American business is on the decline. The funny thing is, more money is spent now on "customer service improvements" and "customer service training" than at any point in history. So, why isn't customer service getting better instead of worse? Because the needs of the business are too often put before the needs of the customer.

At Tom's Mechanical, a heating and air conditioning service company in Arlington, Texas we believe that great customer service is based on a simple principle, "Do the right thing for your customer and the money will take care of itself." For us, the question in every customer service situation is, "What is the right thing to do?" We try to view every situation from the customer's point of view and determine how we would feel if we were the customer.

How does our customer feel when a product fails three weeks after the warranty expires? How does it feel for an elderly widow to be alone in her home with a service technician she doesn't know? How does our customer feel when faced with the decision of whether or not to replace or repair a ten-year old a/c system?

The problem is, the correct answers to these questions often cost businesses money in the short run. The good news is that most customers are loyal to businesses that treat them fairly and honestly. When companies do the right thing they get to reap the benefits of long-term customer relationships. Tom's Mechanical has operated successfully for more than 50 years by committing relentlessly to the concept of "doing the right thing."

If you are in need of an hvac repair company which values honesty and integrity above all else, why not give Tom's a try? You can contact us today.