The Real People of Tom's Mechanical

Nicole, Residential Dispatcher

Years at Tom's: 3
Favorite thing about her job: “I’m a talker, so I love the fact that I get to talk to our customers throughout the day.”

Before Nicole came to work at Tom’s Mechanical three years ago, she was taking care of her busy family as a stay-at-home Mom. When her daughter began Kindergarten, it was time for her to go back to work. Fortunately, according to her, she found a position at Tom’s Mechanical.

“I love my job and this company, because it’s like one big happy family,” she said. “I truly have the best of both worlds now.”

Sedrick, Commercial Service Supervisor

Years at Tom's: 4
Favorite thing about his job: “I have the freedom to make service decisions on behalf of our customers, giving my team the ability to make repairs quickly and cost effectively.”

After three years on the job, Sedrick was promoted to Commercial Service Supervisor. He loves his new position due to the fact that he is trusted to run his department and solve his customer’s service issues as a team leader. “Every technician who works here knows they can count on each other to get the job done,” he said. “This truly is the best company I’ve ever worked for, and I’m not just saying that. Tom’s is like family.”

Amy, Commercial Dispatcher

Years at Tom's: 9
Favorite thing about her job: “No matter what problems our commercial customers may be having, many of them ask to speak with me, because I have worked with them for so long. It’s wonderful knowing that they trust me to handle their service calls on behalf of Tom’s.”

After nine years at Tom’s, it’s fair to say Amy has a working knowledge of commercial HVAC systems. She spends her days scheduling service calls, ordering parts, and keeping track of Tom’s service technicians. Simply put, her job is to make her customers happy. “I’ll be a 10-year Tom’s employee next February. This is such an incredible company, I would never think about going anywhere else.”

Josh, Service Manager

Years at Tom's: 15
Favorite thing about his job: “I love being able to fix a problem where other companies have failed. Every call I take is from someone who isn’t happy, and we are the company who can make them smile again.”

Josh started working at Tom’s as a residential service technician directly after high school. As he has moved up into managerial roles, his straightforward and honest approach has positively impacted not only his customers, but his team members as well. “Even though I have only worked for Tom’s, I know for sure this is where I’m supposed to be. My core values and my company’s are very much the same. Tell the truth, be honest, and customers will always come back.”

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