Preventive Maintenance: Should I Leave Well Enough Alone?

Posted By Posted by Tom's Mechanical || 20-May-2014

Preventive Maintenance: Should I Leave Well Enough Alone?

Posted by Tom's Mechanical

When it comes to preventive maintenance, many homeowners operate according to the old slogan "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Sounds pretty logical on the surface, but does it really make sense?

Your air conditioner is a complex, highly engineered piece of equipment. Like all mechanical equipment it requires regular maintenance to perform at peak capacity. And, not only do you want your cooling system to perform well, you want it do so efficiently. Inefficient operation costs lots of money!

From a practical standpoint, investing a small amount of money at the beginning of each season pays big dividends. Well-maintained systems break down less often, and you sure don't need to be without air conditioning in the middle of a Texas summer! Air conditioning service companies are busiest during the summer months, and you may not be able to get same day service when the outside temperature is 105 degrees! I don't know about you, but the thought of one sleepless night in a hot bedroom makes me invest in preventive maintenance every time! After all, annual preventive maintenance contracts begin at just $125.

It isn't too late to have your system inspected before the really hot weather arrives. Call Tom's Mechanical at 972.254.7888 or find us online at

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