Should You Wait to Replace Your Cooling and Heating System?

Posted By Posted by Tom's Mechanical || 22-Aug-2013

Sooner or later every homeowner is faced with the decision of whether or not to replace a cooling or heating system. The question is never "if", but "when" since all mechanical devices eventually wear out. Generally, an HVAC system will last 11 to 14 years. So, how do you know when the time is right?

Here are several factors to consider before pulling the trigger on such a major financial decision:

  • How expensive is the current repair? Although it might make sense to make small repairs to an aging system, it is never a good idea to replace major components ( condenser fan motor, compressor) after a system is ten years old.
  • Is the timing right? The best time to purchase a new cooling and heating system is during the spring or fall, when manufacturers offer purchase incentives. Typically, avoiding purchase decisions during extreme weather will save you money.
  • Can I get by with replacing one component instead of the entire system? A professional can help you with this decision, but age and compatibility are factors to consider. To get the best operating efficiency out of any system, the components must be matched.
  • How efficient should my new system be? Cooling systems are rated numerically for efficiency. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system will be. In North Texas we recommend a SEER rating of 14 to 16 for the best return on your investment.

The purchase of a new heating and cooling system is one of the largest investments most homeowners will make. Be sure to consult with an expert before making this type of investment. The professionals at Tom's Mechanical can help!

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