Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • Not All Awards are Created Equal

    || 14-Aug-2013

    ⁄ ⁄ Not All Awards are Created Equal Posted by Tom's Mechanical Over the years Tom's Mechanical has received numerous awards for sales achievements, overall management and customer service. We love to receive awards – they make us feel good and we get to add cool plaques to our lobby wall. Last month we won another award and it reminded us that some awards are simply more ...
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  • Why Your Second Story Bedroom is Too Hot

    || 8-Aug-2013

    It's August in Texas and that means that many afternoons our temperatures reach past 100 degrees. The sound of air conditioners humming along can be heard on every residential street. This time of year air conditioners seem to run all day and most of the night. But, with all that run time, is your home getting cool – especially the rooms upstairs? Maybe not. Homes in hot climates like ...
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  • What is That Dripping Sound in My Attic?

    || 1-Aug-2013

    Water Dripping Sound From Attic? Here's What it Could Be In Texas it is common for HVAC equipment to be located in the attic. The evaporator coil and air handler or furnace are installed above the ceiling while the condensing unit is located outside the home. This is done to free up floor space within the home. There is only one drawback to HVAC equipment being located in your attic: ...
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