Blog Posts in 2011

  • Good Investments During Tough Times

    || 13-Sep-2011

    Terrible economic news is everywhere and the average American is taking a “wait and see” attitude toward spending money. I can’t say that I blame anyone for remaining financially conservative during these difficult times. My wife and I have certainly been more cautious in our spending habits since 2008. However, there are still some investments/spending decisions worth making, ...
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  • The Importance of Loyalty

    || 30-Aug-2011

    One of our favorite activities at Tom’s Mechanical is celebrating. We celebrate business successes, birthdays, holidays and employee anniversaries. Yesterday we celebrated the ten year anniversary of Josh Wallace. As I was presenting Josh with his ten-year Movado watch it occurred to me that we don’t talk enough about loyalty. The heating and air conditioning industry, like many ...
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  • A Salute to Hard Workers

    || 12-Aug-2011

    Some of my friends who also own businesses are fond of complaining about their employees. Not me! I find that interacting with our employees is one of the best parts of my job. This summer in Texas has been one of the hottest on record, with more than 30 consecutive days of temperatures over 100 degrees! While that is good for our air conditioning business, it takes a terrible toll on our ...
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  • Saving Energy the Right Way

    || 13-Jul-2011

    Everyone has suggestions on how to save energy these days, but do all of the ideas make financial sense? Should you buy an electric car? Should you replace all the windows in your home? Should you install a radiant barrier in your attic? At Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. we take a pretty simple approach to energy saving investments. The first question we always ask is, “How soon will my ...
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  • What Ever Happened to You're Welcome?

    || 6-Jul-2011

    Many things in our world have gotten better in the past 20 years, but common courtesy isn’t one of them. “Please” and “thank you” must be in short supply because they certainly aren’t used much anymore. And it seems like “you’re welcome” has been permanently replaced by “no problem!” At Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. we teach our ...
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  • Captain Comfort to the Rescue

    || 27-Jun-2011

    For several months we have been working on a new service at Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. We call the program Captain Comfort and have a cool new logo for identification purposes. The program will provide complete home energy assessments for homeowners throughout the Arlington area. What is a Home Energy Assessment? It begins with a thorough inspection of your home featuring Blower Door and ...
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  • Ordinary Isn't Good Enough

    || 8-Jun-2011

    Does it seem odd to you that as more and more money is spent on customer service training, customer service continues to worsen? Or, that the worst customer service providers are the most outspoken about the need for better customer service? At Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. we believe four things about providing excellent customer service: First, our customers are entitled to the same excellent ...
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  • Why We are a Trane Dealer

    || 31-May-2011

    Have you ever wondered why one air conditioning company sells one brand and another sells a different brand? How did Tom’s decide to become a Trane dealer instead of representing one of the other major brands? For many years Tom’s Mechanical, Inc. represented another major brand and was fully satisfied with its quality and performance. When that manufacturer began cutting corners and ...
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  • How to Tell a Good HVAC Company from a Bad One

    || 27-May-2011

    Talk to any homeowner and you will get at least one horror story about air conditioning service companies. Such stories range from incompetence to outright fraud. So, how is the average person to know which companies are legitimate and which are scam artists? Actually, the answer is easier than you might think. There are two nationally recognized independent rating agencies, Angie’s List and ...
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  • Great Employees: How We Keep Them

    || 20-May-2011

    The heating and cooling industry is generally known for high employee turnover, especially among technicians and installers. So, it with considerable pride that Tom’s Mechanical can claim that more than half of our employees have been with our company for at least 5 years! How do we attract such loyal employees? I think it begins with our approach to hiring. One of my business mentors liked ...
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